Divorce as a Permanent Solution


Divorce lawyers are stigmatised with the vision of being individuals who prey on broken marriages and families. In reality, divorce lawyers like me are individuals who try their hardest to keep the marriage intact and while doing so, finding legal means to provide an alternative solution to their problems with marriage. It’s a terrible thing to split up two people who were once in love. Romantic as I may be, it’s difficult to see two people who used to love each other now gnaw at each other’s throats like hungry predators.

Divorce has been an acceptable standard in some modern societies because of its implications. The fact that the marriage is no longer working is an indication that there needs to be some civility that needs to be salvaged between the union of two people. Divorce lawyers are like mediators who come in to the rescue and aim to protect the rights of both individuals involved in the divorce and to protect the integrity of the family or what’s left of it.

In a traditional society, divorce is unacceptable and it’s a taboo for most of the Christian countries. But it’s something that we can no longer afford to abide by.

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